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  • Summer School 4wk class timetable

    Summer School 4wk class timetable

    Wednesday 22nd Jul 2020
    4 Week classes 29th July - 31st August WEDNESDAY 10.00-11.00 G5 Modern 11.15-12.15 G4 Tap  12.30-13.30 G5 Modern 13.45-14.45 G5 Tap 15.00-16.00 Inter ballet 16.15-17.15 Adv Ballet THURSDAY 11.00-11.45 G2 Ballet 12.00-12.45 G2 Ballet 13.00-13.45 G1 Ballet 14.00-14.45 G3 Ballet 15.00-16.00 G5 Ballet FRIDAY 9.30-10.30 G5 Ballet 10.45-11.45 G5 Ballet 12.00-13.00 G5 Ballet 14.00-15.00 G5 Ballet 15.15-16.15 G6 Ballet Downstairs Studio 10.00-11.00 G6 Modern 11....Read More...
    School reopening from Wednesday 29th July

    School reopening from Wednesday 29th July

    Friday 10th Jul 2020
    Hi everyone after much confusion finally we are able to commence classes from 25th July and we will start Classes on Wednesday 29th July . As set out before all classes will be on Wednesday Thursday & Friday daytime for Grade 1 upwards over four weeks and finish on Friday 21st August. Everyone who registered previously will be contacted and a time table set out  ensuring  safe distancing of not  more th...Read More...
    School reopening  COVID  Risk Assessment and Class attendance protocol

    School reopening COVID Risk Assessment and Class attendance protocol

    Sunday 28th Jun 2020
    All the appropriate safe guards are in place at the Academy to ensure a safe environment for everyone but it is important that everyone is clear of the following ways classes will be run over the next 4weeks.Parents must be responsible for temperature checks and any other possible illness before attending. Students are required to arrive dressed for class and must be in attendance on time for class and leave at the set time. On arrival only the attending student will be permitted ...Read More...
    School re opening July 2020

    School re opening July 2020

    Tuesday 9th Jun 2020
    I am proposing to run small classes for five weeks commencing Wednesday 8th July - 7th August. subject to government phase 3 guidelines on 4th July. These will all be daytime classes on a Wednesday Thursday and Friday starting only from Grade 1 upwards for Ballet Tap Modern and Jazz. Classes will only be permitted to have five Students in, so it will be necessary to book your place in advance so a multiple timetable can be put in place. When you book for the five weeks you will be advised o...Read More...
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